CX-5825A Rotating Torque Sensor Calibration Device


CX-5825A---旋转扭矩传感器校准装 副本.JPGApplication

Torque dynamic detection is a brand-new subject in China and even the world. Therefore, various countries are trying hard on how to carry out the verification of dynamic torque sensors. The smoothness of its work directly affects the automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, and industrial robots, etc. Accurate measurement and monitoring of changes in equipment and machinery during operation can improve the safety performance of the equipment and the direction of equipment improvement.

Technical Parameters

1) Range:  0-300Nm

2) Resolution:  5/10000

3) Accuracy of dynamic torque sensor:  ±0.1%

4) Torque servo control:  dynamic closed-loop control

5) Measurement accuracy:   ±0.3%

6) Repeatability:   ±0.3

7)Fluctuation degree:   ±0.1


All the information above may be updated at any timethe information is subject to technical parameter in our latest quotation. 

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